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We are so honored and excited to embark on the next two years alongside our board, the Young Men’s Division, and Women’s Division to lead The Guardians. As we follow in the footsteps of Jeff and Larry, we are committed to continuing the goals set forth by them. Their focus on increasing membership, which has almost doubled since they began in 2017, has been pivotal in the longevity and growth of our beloved Guardians.

In addition to our commitment to the goals set before our tenure, we have a clear vision of our next two years. Our first big task was shifting the calendar and making our biennial Real Estate Event an annual event. We are moving the event to March 5th, 2020 and will follow with Poker in May, Golf in August and the triumphant return of our Comedy Night in the Fall. We think this new calendar will ensure steady engagement for all members, increased opportunities for giving and a broader reach to even more of our Los Angeles community.

We are also passionate about creating opportunities for our members and prospective members to grow with The Guardians. As one of Los Angeles’ oldest and most successful philanthropic groups, we have a proven track record of creating a space for members to develop within our organization, and become leaders in both our Jewish Home community and beyond. By offering programming for people at all stages of life we can plant the seed of philanthropy and community allowing it to blossom within The Guardians.

Alongside us, we are fortunate to have Arnold Anisgarten, Anthony Behar, Jason Berger, Steven Driss, Kenny Stevens and Bryan Weissman as our Executive Vice Presidents. Each of them bring their own perspective and history within the organization to the table. We are certain that alongside them, the Executive Board and Board of Directors we can embark on the next two years with enthusiasm and energy.

Thank you to Jeff Schlesinger and Larry Schnaid; we appreciate your hard work over the last two years and continued guidance as you pass the torch to us. We are so grateful you have chosen us to lead an organization that is so important to us and our community.

Zane Koss and Peter Steigleder
2019-2021 Guardians Presidents


Zane Koss
Peter Steigleder

Jeff Schlesinger
Larry M. Schnaid

Arnold Anisgarten
Anthony Behar
Jason Berger
Steven Driss
Kenny Stevens
Bryan Weissman

Nathan Agam
Yossi Serrin-Reinstein
Charles Claver
Jonathan Drubner
Josh Flagg
Harold Foonberg
Marilyn Freeman
James Glantz
Daniel Haimoff
Jimmy Heckenberg
Eric Held
Steven Kipper
Ben Leeds
Jeremy Madick
Deborah Medway
Gideon Orion
Robert Roig
Sam Shapiro

Dan Frankel
Jesse McKenzie

Vicki Goldman
Susanne Katz

Jessi Cazary

Jerry Agam
Robert Assil
Gregg Bernstein
Adam Comora
Steven Cooper
Ilysa Cooperman
Patrick Field
Josh Keimach
Michael King
Kevin Klein
Scott Meller
Jason Michaels
Josiah Puder
Kimberly Roth
Ari Ryan
Ira Schreck
Randy Seff
Anto Shakelian
Oren Shiri
German Simakovski
Peter Strauss
Jeff Whiteman
Jake Zacuto

Jerry Agam
Harvey Alpert
Randy Banchik
Richard A. Bender
Stanley Black
Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer
Steven C. Good
Robin E. Greenberg
Chuck Hershson
Marvin Jubas
Mel Keefer
Michael A. Koss
Benjamin Leeds
Patricia Silver
Perry S. Silver
Stanley Silver
Barry Weinstock
Richard S. Ziman

Benjamin A. Abrams
Joseph Auday
Michael Beck
Peter Bocian
Benjamin Caspi
David Cohan
Aaron Cohen
Jason Cole
Steven Cooper
Seth Dorfman
Nicholas Franchik
Daniel Frankel, Chair
Tamir Gedalia
Austin Gingold
Josh Goodman
Joshua Gorokhovsky
Jacob R. Gould
Howard Hendler
Charles Jasper
Sean Lahijani
Aaron Leshtz
Jeremy Madick
Zachary Madick
Jesse McKenzie, Chair
Reeven Nathan
Gideon Orion
Dave Raysberg
Ari Rutenberg
Daniel Shuman
Sterling Snyder
Michael Vaysman
Andrew N. Westling

Ilana Bernstein
Ilysa Cooperman
Rebecca Feinerman
Amy Goldman
Vicki Goldman, Chair
Shannah Katz
Susanne Katz, Chair
Danielle Kitzes
Michelle Leibowitz
Jamie Lubin
Tina Nabati
Michelle Weinberg
Robyn Wyner

Jeff Schlesinger 17-19
Larry M. Schnaid 17-19
Joshua P. Binder 15-17
Ross Gerber 15-17
Tony Berns, 13-15
Jake Kaufman, 13-15
Izzy Freeman, 11-12
Richard A. Bender, 09-10
Steven C. Good, 08-09
Harvey M. Alpert, 06-07
Bradley H. Mindlin, 04-05
Robb T. Greenspan, 03
Leo Spiwak, 01-02
Adrian O. Cohen, 00
Robert S. Mann, 99
Bradley A. Luster, 98
Herb Citrin*, 97
Edward K. Milkis*, 96
Alan Shuman, 95
Joseph V. Bentley*, 94
Arnold Barco*, 93
Bruce Konheim, 92
Marvin Jubas, 91
Paul Matloff, 90
Richard S. Ziman, 89
Ronald Scheinman*, 88
Stephen H. Sobul*, 87
Sheldon H. Sloan*, 86
Karl L. Sussman, 85
Buddy Jolton, 84
Arron F. Latt, 83
Ernest Goldenfeld*, 82
Murray Jackson*, 81
Matthew R. Solomon, 80
Jerry Tishkoff, 79
Morey Berck*, 78
Solomon Friedman*, 77
Harold Pessin*, 76
Harry Berrin*, 75
Sam Silberkraus*, 74
Robert Mayer*, 73
Andrew Weisz*, 72
Merwin Kreeger*, 71
Alfred Gainsley*, 70
Marvin Zuckerman*, 69
Alvin Levine*, 68
Walter Maier*, 67
Mace Rosenthal*, 66
Leo Goodman*, 65
Jacob Paull*, 64
Sam Kaye*, 63
Lee Bishop*, 62
Paul Rosenthal*, 61
Dan Greenberg*, 60
Harry Herzikoff*, 59
Nat Jolton*, 58
Ted Zuckerman*, 57
Burnett Wolfson*, 56
Edward Feldman*, 55
Saul Shapiro*, 54
Joe Herman*, 53
Maurice Katleman*, 52
Charles Goldring*, 51
George Miller*, 50
Harold Krowech*, 49
Max Strasberg*, 48
Albert Allen*, 47
Joseph Weisman*, 46
Harry Friedman*, 45
Max Firestein*, 42/43/44
Edward Kozberg*, 41
Henry Locus*, 40
Fred Horowitz*, 39
*Of Blessed Memory

President's Podium

Serving as your Co-Presidents of The Guardians of the Los Angeles Jewish Home has been one of the greatest honors of our lives.


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