COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Your actions today will save lives. Thank you for donating to the Los Angeles Jewish Health's COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Your donation will:

  • Help ensure adequate staffing to serve our elderly residents.
  • Invest in personal protective equipment such as masks, gowns, gloves and hand sanitizers.
  • Provide extra environmental services staff to clean and disinfect high touch areas and surfaces.
  • Enhance internal activity programs for our residents to combat social isolation by using technology like virtual reality googles, Skype, video, digital games and activities.
  • Provide additional support and education for front line staff who provide direct care to Jewish home residents.

The Los Angeles Jewish Health, is at the front line of protecting thousands of seniors afraid of what COVID-19 may mean for them. The Home is their last line of defense, and we simply cannot fight this fight without you. Please call at 310.479.2468 if you have any questions.