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Women's Division

The Women’s Division was founded in 2002 in an effort to bring together community members to support The Guardians and prepare for future leadership. The GWD holds activities geared to their interests as well as providing leadership opportunities and social activities for members of all ages.

The Guardians of the Los Angeles Jewish Home Women’s Division is committed to creating a community of strong female leaders dedicated to volunteerism, philanthropy and ensuring the legacy of our Jewish future through intergenerational relationships.


As our historic first year as The Guardians Women’s Division comes to a close, we are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for all that our GWD members, friends and family have accomplished together. We welcomed back members who found a new role in the GWD as they have become mothers, grandmothers, bustling career women and entrepreneurs. Stripped of any age limitations or restrictions, the GWD has ushered in a new era where every woman has a seat at our table. Each woman offers a special voice, with her own expertise, her own story, and her own wisdom; these very essences are what has contributed to this incredible year.

Most notable this past year was the camaraderie and joint energy between The Guardians Women’s Division, Young Men’s Division, and the Executive Board. Supporting our members and providing valuable volunteer opportunities starts at the top. The Guardians Presidents, Jeff Schlesinger and Larry Schnaid have paved the way for our successes. YMD Co-Chairs, Gideon Orion and Jeremy Madick have also shown unwavering support in bringing together our two divisions to create some of our best and most infamous events. Our buzzing parties, 23rd Annual Poker Tournament, and Leading Ladies Speaker Series with Sherry Lansing and Andrea Savage are just a few that are still being talked about!

Together, we created noteworthy events that focused on fun, community and fellowship, all while raising funds and attention to our common goal, the Los Angeles Jewish Home.

Whether it was through our New Year’s Potluck, making Sweetheart Cards for the Home Residents, our phenomenal Sip n’ Social Membership event, or our Wine Tasting activity at Rosenthal Wines, we created opportunities for each of our members to relax from the hustle and bustle and to connect in meaningful ways. Additionally, this year brought more engagement at our monthly meetings with spellbinding speakers Bahar Yaghoubian, LCSW, who shared her expertise in how we can achieve work-life balance through mindfulness and Yoga Nidra, and GWD member Shannah Katz, co-founder of Canna Gold Life, who talked about creating the careers we desire especially in budding new industries and finding the benefits of alternative health practices.

So much has been accomplished thus far, and this next year is already off to a vibrant start! It would be an honor and treat to see you at our next meeting. The GWD is always better together, so we invite you to join us in good company where the best noshes and drinks are served. Our meetings are typically held the first Wednesday of every month at The Guardians Office at 6:30pm. Come hungry; we’ll save you a seat!

Ilysa Cooperman and Danielle Kitzes
2017 - 2018 GWD Board Chairs

2018-2019 WOMEN’s Division Leadership

Ilysa Cooperman
Vicki Goldman

Vice Chair, Membership
Natasha Neufeld

Vice Chair, Professional Development
Shannah Katz

Vice Chair, Communications:
Rebecca Feinerman

Vice Chair, Home Outreach (Jewish Home Liaisons)
Stephanie Nygard-Palenzuela
Alison Pasternak

Vice Chair, Programming and Activities
Jamie Lubin

Members at Large
Ilana Bernstein
Danielle Kitzes

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