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The Young Men’s Division was founded in 1994 in an effort to bring younger community members to support The Guardians and prepare for future leadership. The YMD holds activities geared to their interests as well as providing leadership opportunities and social activities for members in their 20s and 30s.

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The Young Women’s Division was founded in 2002 in an effort to bring younger community members to support The Guardians and prepare for future leadership. The YWD holds activities geared to their interests as well as providing leadership opportunities and social activities for members in their 20s and 30s.

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The Young Men’s Division (YMD) rocketed to a record breaking year in 2015 with an uptick in net proceeds, members and new programming. Yossi Berrin-Reinstein and Bryan Cohen are commandeering the YMD as Co-Chairmen of the 20+ year organization, establishing a new executive leadership board and some lofty new goals.

"We are taking on new risks as an organization and leveraging off the success of our past events. One focus this year will be on our professional development series, which has become a well attended and well received speaker series" said Berrin-Reinstein

“We are excited and honored to lead the YMD of The Guardians for the next two fiscal years! We will continue to build on our recent momentum and enhance the calendar of events already in place" said Cohen

The organization recently reached a major milestone through partnering with the Jewish Home for the Aging and adding a young divisions liaison at The Guardian's office. This has given the YMD more resources to put to work and expand our programming. Already, we have created a more aggressive calendar for our parties, and have designed a formal professional development program. This has also helped with direct contributions bringing more needed funds to the Jewish Home. The members of the YMD are exciting for the future!

We had a packed 2015 filled with widely attended parties, successful golf and poker tournaments, professional development events, a year end gala, as well as plenty of activities, such as softball, meet ups, and lively monthly meetings. The YMD meets every first Tuesday of the Month at The Guardians offices at 6.30pm, and all are welcome. Meetings consist of a buffet dinner, open bar and like-minded young professionals working towards a common philanthropic goal.

Berrin-Reinstein and Cohen will tell you that there’s nothing else quite like the YMD in Los Angeles, or anywhere in this country for that matter.

2016-2017 Young Men’s Division Leadership

Yossi Berrin-Reinstein
Bryan Cohen

Immediate Past Co-Chairs
Steven Driss
Evan Papel

Eric Schulkin

Communications Vice Chairman
Michael Sugarman

Events Vice-Chairman
Gideon Orion

Home Relations Vice Chairman
Robert Presser

Membership Relations Vice Chairman
Jon Shapiro

New Membership Vice Chairman
Max Lehrman

Professional Development Vice Chairman
Mike Abend

Mixers Vice Chairman
Joe Auday
Joe Bolognese

Activties Co-Chairman
Dave Raysberg
Oren Shiri

Sponsorship Vice Chairman
Steve Cooper

Ira Gold
Michael King
Jeremy Madick
Forest Zukerman


We are honored to be co-chairing The Young Women’s Division (“YWD”) for the 2015-2016 year and have an amazing board in place! We are hard at work and actively planning what will be an outstanding year for our division and The Guardians as a whole. Our primary goal this year is to build upon YWD’s success from last year and continue to educate others as to the true meaning behind being a Guardian while strengthening our role in the Jewish community to benefit The Los Angeles Jewish Home.

The YWD plans on rebranding to better educate others as to our mission and collaborating more with the Young Men’s Division for the sole purpose of creating awareness, support, and raising money for The Los Angeles Jewish Home. We will be working on creating new programs geared towards professional development and home outreach, in addition to planning more fun and inspiring activities for our young women and young divisions combined.

Volunteering with The Guardians has been an eye opening experience in that we have had the opportunity to see how we have touched the lives of the Home’s residents and those it supports in the community through community-based programs. Interacting with the residents, hearing their stories, and seeing them smile….they are the reason we are Guardians. The residents inspire us to do more for them and the surrounding community.

We are very excited about our upcoming events and programs this year and hope you join us as we are always looking for volunteers and new ideas! Our doors are always open and we encourage women to be a part of our organization and attend meetings to learn more.

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2016-2017 Young Women’s Division Leadership

Danielle Kitzes
Ilana Melcher

Immediate Past Co-Chair
Jackie Naggar

Events/Programming Vice-Chairwomen
Jana Gersten
Annalee Schwartz

Communications Vice Chairwoman
Alexis Farah

Membership Vice Chairwoman
Susanne Katz

Home Relations Vice Chairwomen
Stephanie Nygard
Alison Pasternak

Professional Development Vice Chairwoman
Jessica Fass
Vicki Goldman

Natasha Neufeld
Jen Rofé-Rawitch

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