Manicures and Mingling

By Kimberly Roth, Young Women’s Division Outreach Chair

Recently, the YWD took over the Boardroom of the Los Angeles Jewish Home and transformed it into The Guardians YWD Nail Spa. Card tables were converted to manicure stations, polishes were displayed. Fruit juice cocktails were set up on the bar. Finally, ten manicurists arrived and the pampering began!

Our first guests were taken care of immediately, but just a half hour after “opening,” our Spa had a waitlist! Residents were given appointment cards with our YWD Spa logo to return at specified times, which kept our Spa running smoothly throughout the day.

Residents could return to the Spa at their appointment time, or relax in our lounge with seating and beverage service. And as timing would have it, our Spa day happened to take place just two days before the Home’s Senior Prom!

The residents of the Home are the VIPs for The Guardians, and it was a delight to give them that experience firsthand. We had several YWD members and prospective members on hand to assist the residents, and enjoy a special bonding experience through beauty. Our first Guardians YWD Nail Spa Day was a gorgeous success – a fun and rewarding day for the residents, our YWD members and even our manicurist volunteers! Look for the next Guardians YWD Nail Spa day this fall!