A New Horizon In Site

By Jason Berger

When I was asked to write a brief story in The G about our new website, my first thought was, “Can I just put together an interactive video that we can post on the site and send out with a link for people to watch?” Well, soon I will be able to!

The truth is, people want content when they want it and they want their content accessible. Years ago, when you started a business, you essentially had to pay The Government and go through a series of registrations so you could become a legitimate entity. These days, part of starting a business is ensuring the name you come up with has available real estate online. Some folks even change the name of their company when they find out their URL is taken, others get into bidding wars to secure the URL name with its current owner. I’ve heard of folks spending tens of thousands of dollars to obtain the rights to URLs. In reality, it’s the first destination for people who are doing due diligence on a company or a person. It’s the only way we can get a taste of a company or an individual without spending every waking hour with them. We live in a world where consumers expect transparency, content when they want it and content that’s easily accessible. The first stop is the website.

For years, The Guardians website has been something that is somewhat of a complimentary tool for folks to go to, primarily to register for our events. But that has changed with the new website (designed by Maize Marketing). But our site needs to be the primary tool used to communicate with the outside world and the community that we call family (The Guardians, YMD, and YWD). The process of donating will be seamless and fast with our e-commerce features connecting to the backend accounting of our organization. A merchant store will be in place where members can purchase products that raise money for the organization (tribute cards, t-shirts, etc.). Event calendars will be interactive and user-friendly. Members will have access to their own fundraising for the organization and will be able to manage their dues with the press of a button. In an effort to save money and the environment, The G magazine will be featured on the site in an integrated capacity, enabling visitors to view current and past issues. Because social media plays an integral part in our world, we have implemented it throughout the site including the ability for our members to manage their social media feeds. A powerful yet simple search feature is in place, facilitating faster location of multiple sources and locations of information. But most importantly, the site features an all-new contemporary design with pictures and graphics that will leave our audience wanting more and coming back.

In short, I am so proud of The Guardians for taking the next steps to ensure our longevity and being at the forefront of the non-profit world. I look forward to watching the organization grow with the help of our all-new website.

Explore and enjoy!